Google Sheets + Acquia DAM

Synchronize asset details with spreadsheet entries for efficient asset tracking

Seamlessly sync Google Sheets with Acquia DAM. Auto-update asset metadata fields from sheet rows, streamlining your asset management. 

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Key Benefits

  • Save time with automatic syncing of new or updated metadata from Google Sheets to Assets.
  • Conveniently manage Google Sheets directly from Assets, no need to switch applications.
  • Maintain data integrity with a centralized source of truth, ensuring up-to-date metadata.
  • Enhance collaboration and consistency in asset management across teams.
pink acquia droplets with screenshots from the Acquia DAM trial site

Automate data synchronization: New or updated rows in Google Sheets trigger immediate updates to corresponding metadata in Assets.

Extend functionality: Upload files from Sheets via URLs, update rows in Sheets directly from Assets, and sync Google Form data.

Bidirectional integration: New or edited files in Assets can update the corresponding data in Google Sheets.

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