FADEL + Acquia DAM

Sync rights information between Acquia DAM and your digital rights management tool (DRM), FADEL

FADEL is a leading provider of rights and royalty management solutions for industries that heavily rely on intellectual property assets. Their software helps companies manage, monetize, and enforce their content rights, ensuring compliance and maximizing revenue streams. Catering to industries like media, entertainment, advertising, and publishing, FADEL bridges the gap between content creation and financial management, streamlining operations and providing transparency in intellectual property dealings.

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FADEL and Acquia DAM integration, minimize risk

Minimize risk

Ensure that asset usage information is current and accurate across systems.

Save time by registering assets in FADEL from within Acquia's digital asset management (DAM) system

Ensure data accuracy by keeping the Usage Rights metadata value in Acquia up to date

Simplify workflows

Sync data between FADEL and Acquia to avoid switching platforms.

Asset registration in FADEL is automatically triggered when an asset is created or edited in Acquia

Asset rights information in FADEL continuously syncs to specified metadata fields in Acquia

FADEL integration simplify workflows graphic
Combine the power of FADEL's rights management tool and Acquia.