Dropbox + Acquia DAM

Manage and optimize your digital asset storage

Sync and manage assets between Acquia DAM and Dropbox. Streamline workflows, update metadata, assign categories, and more.

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Automated Asset Sync

  • Sync assets from Dropbox to Acquia DAM for a centralized source of truth.
  • Utilize Dropbox file paths to automatically update metadata, assign groups, and create categories. 
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Discover How the Integration Works

  • Select Upload Profiles
    • Customize upload profiles to optimize asset management
    • Tailor settings to match specific project requirements
  • Seamless Asset Syncing
    • Sync assets effortlessly between systems
    • Eliminate manual file transfers and save time
  • Automated Asset Details
    • Streamline workflows by automatically pulling in asset details
    • Leverage Dropbox file paths to update metadata and enhance organization
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