Build webpages with on-brand digital assets.

dotCMS is a scalable, open-source content management system (CMS) that facilitates the creation and management of websites and digital content. With its hybrid architecture, dotCMS supports both static and dynamic content delivery, meeting the diverse needs of businesses and marketers. Its flexibility, cloud-native capabilities, and API-first approach make it a preferred choice for organizations seeking to build integrated, personalized, and engaging digital experiences.

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Use the right assets

Easily integrate Acquia DAM and dotCMS to seamlessly create digital experiences and fuel great storytelling.
  • Keep teams in one system by maintaining a single source of truth for your marketing assets
  • Ensure teams are using the most current asset versions across tools


How it works

This integration offers dotCMS users a way to quickly and securely access and use approved Acquia DAM assets without leaving the dotCMS UI.
  • Allow dotCMS users to browse and search Acquia DAM assets from within the dotCMS UI
  • Automatic synching keeps assets up to date across systems from the Acquia DAM’s centralized location


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Combine the power of Acquia DAM and dotCMS.