Clarifai + Acquia DAM

Scale Asset Management With Artificial Intelligence (AI) Generated Metadata and Visually Similar Search.

Revolutionize your DAM with Clarifai’s AI. Automate metadata generation, enhance searchability, and streamline asset management effortlessly. 


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Acquia DAM and Clarifai integration, metadata and tagging

Al-Enhanced Metadata and Search

Out of the box, the Clarifai integration offers a transformative approach to digital asset management, providing automated metadata generation and improved searchability that streamlines workflows, saves time, and optimizes resource usage. 

  • Auto-generated keywords: Let auto-tagging powered by AI take the first pass to reduce the amount of manual work needed, and make assets instantly searchable. Then your team can expand or adjust the metadata as needed.
  • “Related Assets by Look”: As you engage with an asset, the AI intuitively presents similar assets, transforming your DAM experience into an efficient, targeted journey.
  • Brand-Specific Auto-Tagging: Train the AI tool using your data for automated, precise tagging of specific products and brands.

“Clarifai helps add enough context to photos to make them immediately accessible until I can fully tag and categorize them. It also reduces the amount of time I spend tagging photographs, which is the most labor-intensive part of DAM administration. Image search-ability supports reuse, which reduces project costs across the organization.”

John George Digital Asset Manager, Milestone at Facebook
Combine the power of Acquia DAM and Clarifai.