Cascade CMS + Acquia DAM

Build web pages using approved digital assets.

Cascade CMS is a content management system designed to facilitate the creation, management, and optimization of web content for organizations. Its user-friendly interface, combined with robust features, aids in streamlining web operations while ensuring compliance with web standards and accessibility requirements. Tailored for higher education, government entities, and large organizations, Cascade CMS promotes collaboration, consistency, and efficient digital content delivery.


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Streamline digital content workflows

Integrate Acquia DAM with Cascade CMS to search for and access assets in one interface.
  • Build beautiful web pages using approved digital assets in your Acquia DAM site
  • Rest assured that media assets pulled from the DAM and used on your Cascade CMS-powered sites comply with brand guidelines and ADA requirements
  • Ensure only the most current asset version is used across your Cascade CMS sites


How it works

  • The Acquia DAM and Cascade CMS integration provides friction-free access to the latest version of your digital assets

  • Website content contributors access digital assets in Acquia DAM from within the Cascade CMS content editor

  • Users simply click “insert an external image” in the Cascade CMS content editor to browse content in the DAM

  • Adjustments can be made to file dimensions and some metadata fields from within the Cascade CMS UI

Already using Acquia DAM and Cascade CMS?

To get started, enable this integration in your Cascade CMS instance by entering the Acquia DAM (Widen) API key in the site settings menu. The integration can be enabled in one or more Cascade CMS sites. Additional default category options are also available.

Combine the power of Acquia DAM and Cascade CMS through integration.