Brightcove + Acquia DAM

Video management and distribution in sync.

Brightcove is a leading global provider of cloud-based video solutions, designed to enable organizations to deliver and monetize video content efficiently. With its powerful suite of tools, Brightcove assists businesses in video hosting, streaming, monetization, and analytics, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. Catering to a diverse clientele, from media organizations to corporate sectors, Brightcove simplifies video operations and ensures optimal viewer experiences across all devices.

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Brightcove and Acquia DAM integration screens

Deliver the Best Video Experience

Use Acquia DAM to store, organize, and manage video content and Brightcove’s video platform to distribute and monetize videos.


How It Works

  • The integration automatically transfers file and data once triggered by actions you define.

  • Tag a video asset in Acquia DAM with “Update to Brightcove” to sync the file to Brightcove

  • Metadata is synced between Acquia DAM and Brightcove

  • Synced video assets in Acquia DAM are tagged with a link to the video in Brightcove


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Combine the power of Acquia DAM with Brightcove to do even more with your video content.