Asana + Acquia DAM

Automatically add finished assets to Acquia DAM once Asana projects are completed

Asana is a task and project management tool that facilitates team collaboration and organization. With its intuitive interface, users can create, assign, and track tasks, set deadlines, and visualize project timelines using features like lists, boards, calendars, and Gantt charts. Asana is designed to help teams stay organized, prioritize work, and ensure timely completion of projects, making it a favorite among businesses of all sizes.

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Move final assets with ease

Use the integration to ensure final assets are added to the DAM system where they can be found, managed, and incorporated into your marketing and sales activities.

  • Save creative time by automating the upload and metadata entry tasks
  • Use relevant project information as metadata in your DAM platform so teams can find it and know its purpose
  • Get more value out of your assets by preventing lost assets and encouraging content reuse

How it works

Create a seamless workflow between work-in-progress and asset distribution.

  • Trigger a sync with a new or updated task in Asana, like marked as complete with attachment
  • Add the asset to Acquia DAM from the attachment in Asana
  • Update asset metadata in Acquia DAM using information from Asana tasks
  • Update Asana with the asset URL or ID, or a message of upload complete
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Getting Started

Combine the power of Asana and Acquia DAM.

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