Airtable + Acquia DAM

Use your Acquia DAM assets to build collaborative applications in Airtable

Airtable is a versatile platform that blends the simplicity of a spreadsheet with the complexity of a robust database. It allows users to organize content, tasks, projects, and more in a visual and customizable way, supporting fields for text, images, checkboxes, and even barcodes. With its powerful grid, calendar, gallery, and kanban views, combined with rich integrations and automation features, Airtable caters to a wide range of business and personal use cases, transforming the way people work with data.

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Streamline Content Operations

Allow content and data to flow between the Acquia digital asset management (DAM) system and Airtable collaboration platform.

  • Eliminate the need to download assets and metadata from Airtable and upload them to another
  • Ensure teams are using the most current version of your content
  • Migrate user-generated content to Acquia using Airtable forms

Leverage Syncing to Acquia

Keep teams and projects aligned and moving forward with automated workflows.

  • A new or updated record in Airtable triggers a new or versioned asset in Acquia DAM
  • Data from Airtable can be mapped to populate metadata fields in Acquia DAM
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Getting Started

Combine the power of Airtable and Acquia DAM.

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