Acquia Entries + Acquia DAM

Seamless connection between your digital assets and product entries

The Acquia Assets to Entries integration offers a sophisticated and seamless connection between your digital assets and product entries. This integration is designed to work with Acquia DAM, ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience. 

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Key Features

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Match SKUs from digital asset metadata with product SKUs, simplifying the process of associating assets with products. 

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Designed to integrate smoothly with Acquia’s suite of products, ensuring a consistent and user-friendly experience. 

How It Works

At its core, this integration focuses on aligning digital assets with product entries. It intelligently identifies SKUs within the metadata fields of your assets in Acquia DAM and matches them with corresponding product SKUs in Entries. Once a match is found, the integration automatically associates the assets with the product as an asset type attribute. 

The Perfect Solution

This integration is a perfect solution for organizations looking to streamline their digital asset management and product information processes. By automating the association of assets to product entries, it not only saves time, but ensures that product listings that are always accurate and visually appealing.

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