Acquia DAM + BrandMuscle Integration

BrandMuscle allows brands to optimize localized marketing campaigns across various channels.

BrandMuscle is a leading local marketing automation platform that empowers brands to optimize their localized marketing campaigns across various channels. By offering solutions for content creation, media buying, co-op fund management, and analytics, BrandMuscle ensures brand consistency and enhances the effectiveness of regional marketing efforts. Their comprehensive suite of tools enables businesses to streamline operations, reduce inefficiencies, and drive stronger local brand engagement.

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Optimize your channel marketing workflows

Leverage Acquia's digital asset management (DAM) capabilities within BrandMuscle’s intelligent local marketing platform, to access assets from one user interface.

Maintain Acquia DAM as the single source of truth for all approved assets

Empower channel partners to browse and use Acquia assets without leaving the BrandMuscle platform

Deploy brand-compliant marketing materials at scale

Create a friction-free experience for your channel partners

The Acquia DAM and BrandMuscle integration provides channel partners with seamless access to current Acquia assets within the marketing templates they are building.

Asset paths are identified during template creation to support content syncing

Channel partners select a BrandMuscle template and then search for assets in Acquia using metadata and categories

Acquia assets are automatically pulled into the BrandMuscle platform in live time, based on the designated metadata

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As both a Widen (Acquia) partner and customer, we have a unique view of how this integration helps brands streamline asset distribution across channels – and deploy brand-compliant marketing materials at scale.

James Morse Vice President, Product Management, BrandMuscle
Combine the power of BrandMuscle's intelligent local marketing platform and Acquia DAM.