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Acquia DAM-to-DAM synchronization simplifies multisite asset management

The Acquia DAM to DAM integration offers a dynamic solution for organizations managing multiple digital asset management (DAM) sites, streamlining the process of sharing assets and metadata across different Acquia DAM instances. This native integration automates the synchronization of new or updated files from a primary Acquia DAM instance to one or more secondary Acquia DAM instances, ensuring consistency and saving time spent on manual uploads and metadata population. 

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Key Integration Features

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Monitors for new or updated files in the primary DAM and automatically uploads them to the secondary DAM(s). 

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Enables metadata field mapping from the primary DAM to corresponding fields in the secondary DAM — up to 20 fields. 

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Provides the ability to filter which assets are synchronized based on criteria such as metadata type, asset groups, or specific search queries. 

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Utilizes a unique metadata field in each DAM to store cross-reference IDs, ensuring accurate tracking of assets across multiple DAMs. 

Integration Benefits

This integration is particularly beneficial for customers with multiple Acquia DAM sites or those looking to collaborate with partner organizations using Acquia DAM. It reduces the workload associated with managing assets in different locations and ensures that all sites have the latest, synchronized content. The integration operates in the background, requiring no additional user interface, and is powered by Acquia's cloud-based integration service. It is designed to complement existing workflows, enhancing efficiency without the need for one-time bulk uploads.

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