6Sense + Acquia Personalization

Integrate the 6sense platform with your Acquia Personalize instance to tailor content for account-
based segments.

Utilize 6sense's AI segmentation and Acquia Personalize to interact with your target audience using bespoke content, reducing the need for managing separate data sets. Further enhance your ABM strategies by leveraging intent signals, campaign engagement, and 6sense's AI technology to provide the right content at the right time.

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Target Account-Based Segments

Use the segments you've created in 6sense using filters such as AI-informed buying stage, industry, revenue bracket, or other target-account criteria, to interact with anonymous segments through Acquia Personalize.

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Enhance the ABX Experience

Offer engaging, custom-tailored content to your target account customers using the same segments found in your 6sense instance. Work smarter and avoid the hassle of managing two sets of segments in completely different systems.

Right Content, Right Stage

Boost your ABM messaging by creating content based on intent signals, campaign engagement, buying phase. Powered by the groundbreaking revenue AI technology from 6sense, deliver the right content to your ABM audiences at the right time with Acquia Personalize.

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Reach out for more information on how to Utilize 6sense's AI segmentation and Acquia Personalize.