We’re Making Inclusive Changes to the most Exclusive Drupal Certification

Submit Your Ideas: Rename Our Highest Drupal Qualification

It’s time to upgrade the name “Drupal Grand Master" to a name that reflects the inclusive values of the Drupal Community. 

Here’s where we need your help: In the spirit of open source, we’re calling on the Drupal Community to submit your ideas for the new name of the certification. 



Why are you changing the name?
The tech community has been working on updating their terminology recently to remove the use of terms with negative connotations. Acquia has been in the process of adjusting our language since last year, to align with one of our core values of diversity and inclusion. The term “Master” is widely considered an offensive term, and is one the Drupal Association and many technology providers are actively working to replace.
I’m already an Acquia Certified Grand Master. Will my certification name be changed retroactively?
Yes, we will adjust the name of the achievement for those who have already achieved it, as well as for those who earn it in the future. We will provide you with a replacement badge and certificate, and will update our Certification Registry accordingly. You will be notified when this change is taking place.
What is a Drupal Grand Master?
A Grand Master is a Drupalist who has demonstrated advanced Drupal expertise by successfully achieving certification in the Acquia Certified Developer, Acquia Certified Back End Specialist and Acquia Certified Front End Specialist exams. Grand Master credentials are awarded for Drupal 7, Drupal 8 and Drupal 9.
How will the new name be decided?
A list of suggestions will be sourced from our community. Acquia will review all submissions and select the winner that best represents the prestige of the certification.
Is this an Acquia certification or a Drupal Association certification?
Acquia operates the global Drupal certification program, and uses the current version of Drupal core and a team of certified subject matter experts, including at least one core contributor, to develop and test our exams.
Do I need to be certified to submit a name?
No certification required to participate. Everyone is welcome to contribute their name ideas.
What do I get for submitting a name?
Those who suggest a name will have the satisfaction of helping to rename our exam and having participated actively in a democratic process.
What is the prize for submitting the winning name?
The person who submits the winning entry will receive free exam vouchers for the set of Drupal Certification exams Acquia offers (a value of $1055) or have a donation made to a charity of their choosing for $1,000. Exam vouchers are valid for one year from issue, and can be transferred to others if the recipient requests.
When do submissions close?
Submissions will be accepted until 11:00pm ET, November 30, 2021.
How do I learn more about Acquia certifications?
You can find out about available Acquia certifications here - https://docs.acquia.com/certification/
How do I register for an exam?
You can register for a certification exam here - https://www.webassessor.com/acquia/