You’ve Got A CDP, So What?

Customer expectations are evolving and brands are expected to be able to deliver meaningful personalization that can engage them through their customer journey. The effective use of a customer data platform (CDP) enables brands to address the new ‘paradigm of personalization’ for real business outcomes.

Even if you have access to manage multiple customer touchpoints (for ie. sales, accounts and service) to have a ‘single source of truth’ when it comes to customer data, have you been able to deliver a consistent, seamless and unfragmented customer experience based on that single source of truth at scale?

For marketers who are struggling with delivering more personalised, interactive and impactful experiences and campaigns, some help can be in the form of marketing automation.

In this session you will learn:

  • How data sources are connected; how data needs to freely flow back and forth and how can this be activated by martech solutions for desired conversion results?
  • How a strong CDP strategy - with necessary processes in place, allows organizations to personalize the customer journey and deliver a seamless Customer Experience (CX)