Your Guide to Creating Consistent Experiences Across Multiple Websites

What's Covered?

  • Why multi-site management is essential in the digital-first world
  • How effective multi-site management extends your reach and improves customer experience
Additional Info

It’s rare to find organizations that run one single website these days. There are usually at least a few websites that serve different purposes, audiences, products, etc. It’s common for larger global enterprises to have hundreds of websites.

Managing consistent experiences across multiple websites – whether it’s 5 or 500 — is an increasingly important part of modern business. Why? Because humans expect consistency in the digital-first world but don’t want to see the same thing over and over again..

This panel explores the ins and outs of multi-site management at scale. We’ll chat with Acquia’s Product Marketing Manager, Kara Hall, and our partners to get a sense of a few things:

What is multi-site management and why it’s foundational in establishing diverse-yet on brand, digital experiences?

  • How adopting a multi-site platform across an enterprise supports greater customer experiences and deeper engagement
  • How our partners have used Acquia products to help real-life customers ensure their multi-site management is up to snuff
  • What you can do to step up your multi-site management game

Featured Speakers

kara hall

Kara Hall

Senior Product Marketing Manager


Seth Gregory

Seth Gregory

Director of Software Engineering, Head of Drupal Competency