Is Your Digital CX Ready for Prime Time?

As Vista family companies, we are all tasked with adapting our digital presence to stay ahead of the changing social and economic climate. In doing so, we tend to hyper focus on performance metrics for a particular channel or discipline, often at the expense of delivering on overall digital experience.

True competitive advantage today rests on a brand’s ability to consistently deliver relevant, personalized experiences across all digital channels. Delivering this consistency requires an unprecedented integration of content and customer data management, guided by a strategic vision of digital experience management built soundly on the pillars of governance, scalability, agility and intelligence.

Sound challenging? Acquia has the solutions and expertise that help you integrate, orchestrate and meet your customers’ expectations.

Join Acquia executives Lynne Capozzi, CMO and Eric Fullerton, Lead Evangelist, Product Marketing Principal and Vista company leaders Brett Theis, VP marketing at Xactly to discuss three main data-centric trends identified in Acquia's third annual CX report. This Vista exclusive webinar will cover best practices for pivoting to digital readiness, positioning your organization to successfully adapt to emerging customer behaviors and consistently meet customer expectations.

Register today! This invitation has been provided to Vista CMOs, CCOs, CIOs …. You are free to extend this invitation to other members of your team with responsibility in this area. Questions? Please contact: Jared Tringale, Marketing Programs Manager at Aquia, reachable at [email protected]

Brett Theiss
Brett Theiss, VP of Marketing, Xactly
Eric Fullerton
Eric Fullerton, Lead Evangelist, Product Marketing Principal, Acquia
Lynne Capozzi
Lynne Capozzi, Chief Marketing Officer, Acquia