Why Machine Learning is a Marketer’s New Superpower

What's Covered?

  • Creating more effective customer segments based on real-time data
  • Making predictions about how different customers will engage with your brand over time
  • Providing personalized recommendations for the next best customer experience
Additional Info

Looking for the cheat codes to turn massive amounts of customer data into meaningful insights?

Your gut instincts may have once been good enough for delivering personalized customer experiences, but in today’s digital-first era, just good enough no longer cuts it. Marketers need to make data-driven decisions that generate real value and align to business goals.

Machine learning (ML) can help you level up your marketing.

When deployed within marketing technology, ML models can help make better predictions about customer behavior, create more finely tuned personas for segmentation, and develop more targeted personalization to deliver the most relevant and timely offers to your customers.

These insights can drive increasingly pertinent recommendations, improve the likelihood that specific marketing strategies will succeed and increase everything from marketing ROI to revenue growth.

While ML is a marketer’s new superpower you should get excited about, many organizations do not fully understand how to apply ML models and their impact on successful marketing campaigns.

See how brands can improve their marketing efforts and earn value by leveraging machine learning models to analyze patterns and predict future customer behavior faster than humanly possible!

Featured Speakers

Christine Dolce

Christine Dolce

Senior Digital Strategist and Director, Client Success for Acquia CDP