Waterwheel: the Drupal SDK for JavaScript Developers

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As Drupal begins to be more widely used as a back end for web services and for application ecosystems by extension, developers of wildly diverse backgrounds are now consuming and manipulating data from Drupal in unprecedented ways. There's just one problem: JavaScript and native application developers don't speak Drupal.

Waterwheel, our client- and server-side JavaScript library, helps developers talk with Drupal without having to learn about core REST's authentication system or its approach to serializing Drupal data, the nuances of how Drupal's core REST API works, how field values are exposed as JSON, or even which resource routes to query to fetch the correct data. In this webinar about Waterwheel, we’ll discuss:

  • The motivations, issues, challenges, and rewards of API-first Drupal, core REST usage, and Waterwheel itself
  • How Waterwheel can benefit developers, workflows, and overall architecture
  • Using Waterwheel: querying data, manipulating data, and query operations
  • Content entity coverage
  • The roadmap and future of Waterwheel

Featured Speakers

Preston So, Acquia

Preston So

Former Director of Research and Innovation