Transforming Healthcare Experiences: Crafting a Patient-Centric Digital Journey

What's Covered?

  • Top challenges the healthcare industry faces with security
  • How to balance digital innovation and platform security
Additional Info

The digital landscape continues to rapidly expand, permeating every aspect of our lives, leading to intensified competition. Being accustomed to digital-first experiences, individuals now anticipate online interactions to be seamless, user-friendly, and tailored to their preferences.

When prospective patients seek a nearby primary care physician, they often encounter cumbersome and time-consuming search processes on health system websites. Recognizing the impact of these trends, Gundersen Health System acknowledged that healthcare is not exempt from the need for exceptional digital experiences. Understanding that a patient's digital encounter forms a crucial part of their care journey, Gundersen aimed to ensure that the initial contact is emotionally supportive and positive.

Join the discussion Acquia and Phase2 as they provide insights into:

  • Uniting disparate platforms into a single, cohesive access point
  • Crafting a patient’s digital experience as part of their care journey
  • Securing patient's digital experiences with the safest platform for Drupal

Featured Speakers

kara hall

Kara Hall

Senior Product Marketing Manager