Take Control of Your Brand Content and Pump Up Your CX: Using Personas to Guide DAM Results

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Engaging and consistent brand and product content empowers consumers to make confident purchasing decisions – driving conversions, improving customer satisfaction, and reducing churn rates.

But too often companies struggle with inconsistent branding, little room for content customization, and gaps in access to the latest approved sales and marketing materials. A streamlined internal approach to product content creation is critical to build thoughtful, connected customer experiences.

Watch how Life Time, Inc. used Digital Asset Management (DAM) to take control of their content and re-structured it through the lens of their user personas, ultimately empowering their teams to bring CX to the next level.

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • How to define DAM user personas and their pain points to create a tailored UX and CX
  • How to leverage DAM to re-organize resources in a persona-first approach
  • How to empower your teams to build connected and brand-compliant customer experiences

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