State of DAM

What's Covered?

  • How the DAM industry has grown due to the dynamic nature of content
  • How integrations with Acquia DAM round out your digital experience
  • How to calculate your DAM ROI step-by-step
Additional Info

Watch this session to discover how Acquia DAM (Widen) acts as the centralized foundation for your entire content lifecycle. Matthew Gonnering, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Widen, an Acquia company, will showcase how the Widen Collective® has evolved into Acquia DAM, simplifying how brand, marketing, and product content is organized, accessed, and delivered to market. Matthew will provide a look into how the more than 800 organizations in over 175 countries that use Acquia DAM foundationally changed their business with DAM.

Matthew is joined by Jake Athey, VP of Marketing and Sales, and Chris Schroeder, Senior Director of Product Management, at Widen, an Acquia company.

Featured Speakers

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Jake Athey

Vice President, Sales and Go-To-Market, DAM and PIM