Spicing up DAM at Zurich Insurance

What's Covered?

  • Zurich Insurance's DAM story
  • Lessons learned & best practices
  • Live Q&A
Additional Info

Zurich Insurance are masters when it comes to delivering a seamless omnichannel digital experience to their consumers. In this webinar, we speak to Kathrin Schünemann - Global lead of Brand Governance & BlueRoom at Zurich Insurance, about how Digital Asset Management has helped them achieve digital excellence.

They’re now able to create content at scale, promote a cohesive Zurich brand and visual identity, save local staff time and budget, and achieve international collaboration.

Tune in on 3rd October to hear Jake Athey (VP Product Marketing at Acquia) chat to Kathrin about her experience with DAM, and how Zurich has turned their DAM into an extremely valuable company resource.

What to expect:

  • What is a DAM
  • Zurich Insurance's approach to DAM regulation
  • How Zurich Insurance used a DAM to meet their objectives
  • Lessons learned and best practices
  • Interactive Q&A

Featured Speakers

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Jake Athey

Vice President, Sales and Go-To-Market, DAM and PIM