Siloed Data Is Killing Your Customer Experience: 5 Signs It’s Time For a CDP

What's Covered?

  • 5 signs that you need a CDP
  • Steps to move to a single source of truth for all customer data
  • Leveraging data to better understand what your customers want
  • Tips on advancing your CX maturity and delivering highly personalized experiences
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In today’s digital-first era, many businesses still fall short in providing exceptional or even satisfactory customer experiences, leading to customer dissatisfaction and, worst case, churn.

You’ve likely experienced some frustration yourself. Think about the times you’ve encountered an unrelated product recommendation, an overly complex online checkout process, or an irrelevant marketing email. Poor customer experiences are, sadly, all too common.

While marketers know that the best customer experiences are data-driven, businesses have much of that information stuck in siloed systems. Managing and utilizing customer data effectively can be a daunting task.

Customer data platforms (CDP) are all the rage now. They collect, integrate, and manage customer data from various sources, enabling organizations to generate rich, actionable insights, drive engagement and, ultimately, make smarter marketing and business decisions.

But here’s the million dollar question: How do I know if my organization is mature enough to adopt a CDP?

Join Acquia and KPMG for this webinar to understand where your organization falls on the Customer Experience (CX) Maturity Model and how to determine that you might need a CDP.

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