September Acquia Partner BootCamp

It’s time to change up how you develop for Drupal

Site Studio is Acquia’s game changing low-code site building tool. With Site studio you can build and theme your Drupal 8/9 website without any backend development (not including apps or integrations), deliver sites faster using less resources and offer your customers the most advanced page building and content editing experience available for Drupal. 

This 90 min deep dive session will demonstrate some of the key tools that Site Studio provides, the positive impact it could have on your business and preview new features coming soon that will reinforce Site Studio as the leading platform for building and theming Drupal 8/9 websites.

Register for September 17th at 10:00 EST/15:00 BST/16:00 CET and let us show you how Acquia Site Studio delivers a better, faster way to develop sites on Drupal.


5 minutes - Introduction to Site Studio and how it works technically

10 minutes - A new operating model for our partners

45 minutes - Deep dive demo into site building with Site Studio

15 minutes - What we haven't shown you. Other features you want to know about and perhaps a preview of some roadmap items! 

15 mins - Q&A

This session is for designers, technical or business focused teams from Acquia partner agencies.


*Attend and receive a $/£15 Amazon Voucher. Available to Acquia’s Partner employees only. Must attend to use the voucher. Not applicable in some countries.