See Acquia's Customer Data Platform In Action

Get a Demo of the Top Four CDP Use Cases That Boost Revenue


Take a live tour of Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP) as we showcase the top four use cases that increase revenue for marketers -- without the pressure of a 1:1 sales call. See it all in the platform’s new marketer-friendly UI.


What to expect: 

Acquia CDP is the leading customer data platform that increases profit margins and boosts operational efficiency by putting data intelligence into the hands of teams who need it. In this mini-webinar demo, a product expert will give a 30-minute overview of Acquia CDP through the lens of our customers’ most impactful use cases. Join your peers to learn how to:

  • Acquire new customers who match the profile of your customer VIPs 
  • Use machine learning to drive hyper-relevant targeting
  • Enable call center agents with a total 360 view of the customer on the phone
  • Gain insights into your business that will revolutionize your strategy 


Featured Speakers