Responsive Web Design with Drupal and the Omega Theme

Responsive Web Design with Drupal and the Omega Theme A device-independent website is one of the keys for success on today's web. Instead of building specific websites or apps for each platform or device (there are thousands out there!), Responsive Web Design enables developers to build sites that automatically adapt to the displays and interfaces of their visitors' devices. The HTML5-based Omega Theme is the perfect responsive and mobile-first base theme for Drupal themers and site builders. In this one-hour webinar with Drupal themeing and design experts Kathryn Cornelius and Michael Schmid from Amazee Labs and Jake Strawn, creator of the Drupal Omega theme, will talk about the following themes, including many real-world examples:

  • What Responsive Web Design means and which technologies are behind it
  • How Omega helps developers implement a Responsive Web Design website
  • How Responsive Web Design affects planning and implementing a site
  • How to plan a responsive theme that can be implemented across environments with hundreds of sub-sites or a whole Drupal distribution
  • Tips and tricks on how to implement a Responsive Web Design with Drupal

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