Re-platforming in a crisis: 15below

With Drupal 7 expiring in Nov 2022, it’s more important than ever for companies to upgrade. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. Whether it’s to Drupal 8 or 9 (we’d recommend 9), our clients are looking at upgrading as an opportunity to use digital to drive real, tangible business results. 

If you’ve already made the upgrade, combine Coherence’s Digital Design System with Acquia’s suite of digital experience tools and make the most of Drupal. Reach your audience faster and enable your marketing teams to publish content without relying on developers. In times like these, an upgrade can feel overwhelming. But it’s also when it’s needed the most.  

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Featuring Natalie McLeod, Head of Marketing at 15below, and Coherence Digital's MD, Julian Tedstone.

For our latest webinar, we’re thrilled to welcome Natalie McLeod and Julian Tedstone to discuss their award-winning case study of how Coherence Digital helped 15below transform their digital and web strategy and got unprecedented results in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Find out how 15below

  • Built a completely new site in 10 days 
  • Implemented a new design system 
  • Changed messaging, built rapid landing pages and drove conversions 
  • Created and launched three of their most successful campaigns
  • Gained a new level of site agility that proved vital to the business
  • Scaled their solution as the business evolved

After this discussion they’ll be a live demonstration of the platform to show you how they did it, and empower your teams to make the most out of their digital experience. 

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