A Practical Guide to Optimizing the Customer Journey

Having the best tools can make all the difference when mapping customer journeys, but how do you prepare yourself to get the most out of your investment in these tools?

In this session, we will take you through the pitfalls that nobody talks about, help you understand the customer moments that matter, and share the importance of creating a culture of optimization.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Who makes up the customer journey team.
  • The technology for mapping customer journeys.
  • How to map customer journeys across omnichannel touchpoints.
  • How to deliver an engaging, targeted customer experience.
  • How to measure the results for success.

Watch this webinar on optimizing the customer journey.

About the presenters

Eric Hanser, Mirum

Eric Hanser, Mirum

For more than 10 years, Eric Hanser has been blending user experience and multi-channel strategies to deliver successful solutions on the web. He is an associate director of strategy at Mirum in San Diego, where he leads the digital strategy practice for the Mazda North America account. Hanser previously established, grew, and directed the strategy and planning department at Digital Operative in San Diego. Data-driven and consumer-focussed, he specializes in helping brands uncover insights from data to optimize and personalize experiences for their customers.


Stephen Skidmore, director of product marketing, Acquia

Stephen Skidmore, Acquia

Stephen Skidmore is the director of product marketing for Acquia DAM. He has more than 20 years working for software technology driving product innovation and go-to-market for companies including Lotus, IBM, and EMC.

Skidmore also ran his own consulting business helping technology companies develop their product strategies.

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