Personalization: Ways to Win at the Big Bet

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Marketers, content technologists, vendors, analysts; we have all been talking about personalization for over a decade. The benefits are very attractive, the opportunity to cut through the noise and really connect with your audience.

Scarred by all the stories of personalization gone bad, those terrible remarketing experiences where your Facebook stream is full of products you’ve already bought or those hilarious Amazon recommendations - surprisingly few organizations are actually doing it, or doing it with any level of sophistication.

It also stands to reason that as you move closer to what one person likes, by definition you are moving away from what’s liked by someone else and this is not an easy decision. Whilst personalization delivers better engagement, honing your message to target a specific audience persona could mean fewer of what many marketers are measured on: page hits.

So, should we hedge, create bland popularist content that offends no-one, or be bold and engage with our audience with compelling relevant content?

Ian Truscott, industry veteran, former analyst and content guru at award winning agency MRM Meteorite calls this the Big Bet – the bold decision to move from popularist to being relevant and useful.

Making that big bet needn’t be scary; in this webinar you’ll learn some key steps that will stack the deck in your favour – to play the hand that will win the hearts and minds of your consumer.