No More Customer Data Blind Spots: The Power of a Customer Data Platform

What's Covered?

  • Analyzing the true value of each customer
  • Cleansing and standardizing data across all sources
  • Segmenting customers intelligently
  • Automating engagement based on Machine Learning
Additional Info

For brands to create the customer journeys that delight and captivate, it is crucial to listen to and learn from consumers.

Yet, with so many data points scattered across digital channels, it can be a struggle to know if you’ve got the right data and then to turn that data into action.

And while marketers used to depend on tools like CRMs, DMPs and data lakes to manage their data, many of these solutions lock data up in silos and fall short of delivering a true holistic view of the customer.

Enter: customer data platforms (CDP).

Take a 30-min tour of Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP) and get all your product questions answered -- without the pressure of a 1:1 sales call. Tune in to learn how Acquia CDP can help you get your customer data in one place, build insights that power marketing strategies, and level up customer experience.


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