Maximise Value From Your Acquia Investment: The UCAS Story

What's Covered?

  • The technical challenges facing UCAS
  • Why they decided to use Acquia TAM to help overcome these challenges
  • Advice to organisations considering investing in TAM
Additional Info

Whether building a new site or managing an existing build, your team is likely thinking about a long term strategy that can help achieve your organisation's business goals. With other conflicting priorities, maximising tech investment for long-term success can often be an afterthought.

To help you get the most out of your tech stack, we’re here to deliver best practices with Acquia’s products, prepare the foundations for a successful technical implementation, or consult on your technical roadmap.

Catch up with this 30-minute session to hear directly from UCAS on how they were able to translate their business strategy into success and unlocked the full potential of Acquia products, working alongside Acquia Technical Account Managers (TAM).

Graham Bond, Web Services Lead at UCAS, shares their approach to Acquia TAM including:

  • How he knew TAM was right for UCAS
  • Getting maximum value out of their investment in Acquia architecture
  • Advice to any organisation thinking of investing in TAM

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Simon Elliott

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