Managing Disruption with Style

No one knows what shaped our personality or why we think, speak and behave in a certain way. It shapes our world and the ways in which we respond to the people we love, avoid and work with. Our personality determines the preference of our response to disruption.

In this webinar, PR strategist and best-selling author, Andrew Chow, will delve into how personality type can determine a person’s ability to adapt to change and ride the wave of a digital transformation project.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Analyze your personality to establish your working pattern
  • Identify your natural response to digital transformation and disruption
  • Discover your blind spot for growth into the future

Watch this webinar on managing disruption with style. 

About the presenter

Andrew Chow

Andrew Chow is a social media and PR strategist, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, based in Singapore.

Andrew’s best-selling ‘247’ series of books include Social Media 247, Public Relations 247 and Personal Branding 247. He has previously been named as a Top 10 Most Influential Speaker in Singapore and, over his 30-year career, has worked with an array of clients including AXA Insurance, Sony Pictures, and Sennheiser.

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