Low Code Tools and Decoupled Components: The Best of All Worlds

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Fully decoupled architecture offers immense freedom to develop, but when it comes to managing and updating a decoupled experience, developers can get stuck maintaining a system that only they can access. What starts off as flexibility to innovate, becomes a burden to manage. 

Low code tools give non-developers the freedom to design, assemble, and manage content for sites and applications, but they lack the ability to create the more advanced integrations and experiences that they need. The control over the experience is limited by the lack of advanced coding.

Hybrid architecture provides the best of both worlds. It provides low code tools to empower business users, and it frees up developers to do what they do best - build and innovate. Watch our on-demand webinar to get a breakdown on the difference between decoupled and hybrid architecture and learn:

• The limits of a fully decoupled approach
• What low code means to developers
• How hybrid architecture supports innovation and agility
• How brands are transforming their digital experience with hybrid architecture with Acquia

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