Low Code and Decoupled - A Technical Guide

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There is a lot of buzz around decoupled CMS solutions, and for good reason. To keep up in a world of rapid digital transformation requires a CMS that's easy to use and empowers marketers to be self-sufficient, allowing IT and developer teams to focus on what they do best. Until now, organizations needed to choose between a low code or decoupled solution. Today, Acquia has combined low-code and decoupled to deliver innovation and governance at scale, by empowering marketers with low code solutions to free IT and developers from ticketing bottlenecks.

Developers and architects, joined experts from Acquia and the Drupal Association in this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • When to use low code and when to use decoupled, and when to use both
  • How to overcome the achilles heel of decoupled
  • How and why to build a library of decoupled components
  • How to quickly build a robust PWA with this approach

Featured Speakers

Tim Lehnen

Tim Lehnen

Chief Technology Officer

Drupal Association