Lightning Distribution for Drupal: Build Advanced Authoring Experiences in Drupal 8

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Lightning provides developers with a lightweight framework for building advanced authoring experiences in Drupal 8. Developers gain a massive head-start when building great authoring experiences with Lightning, but it has not been a simple development roadmap. In this webinar, learn about some of the decisions we had to tackle, including:

drupal lightning
  • Which modular functionality should be considered core to the authoring experience?
  • How will developers extend Lighting to create their own corporate or vertical distributions that leverage our authoring capabilities?
  • Should Lighting be divisible into its components?
  • How do we give developers the best upgrade experience possible?

We will also share more of the roadmap for Lightning including the Workplace Preview System, a Higher Education Scenario, and Decoupled Blocks integration. Also included will be a demo of all 18 of our user stories so you understand the intent and operation of the features we have implemented.

Featured Speakers

John Kennedy

John Kennedy

Former Product Leader, Platform Services