Improving the User Journey with UX Research & Personalization

Personalization is gaining traction with marketers today because it allows companies to better communicate and engage with their target audiences.

However, implementing a content strategy for different audiences, without multiplying your content creation efforts is a huge challenge. So how do you personalize your messaging efficiently?

Watch our webinar to see how we address these challenges and highlight a case study that demonstrates how personalized content helped a university communicate with both students and the broader public.

You’ll learn how to:
- Begin defining and prioritizing your audiences
- Create a content strategy that speaks to your audiences
- Identify what content to personalize and strategies needed to create, test, and improve your content over time

Theresa Anderson
Theresa Anderson, Sr. Digital Strategy Consultant, Acquia
Suzanne Dergacheva
Suzanne Dergacheva, Co Founder, Evolving Web