Future-proofing Your Marketing Through Better Customer Understanding

What's Covered?

  • Understanding your customers and how to reach them in real-time across all channels
  • Building a well-orchestrated customer journey to grow customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • How CDPs streamline campaign reporting and execution
  • Tips on prioritizing your CDP capabilities
Additional Info

The first step to creating better experiences is listening to what your customers are telling you when they open an email, visit a web page or add an item to their online shopping cart.

Today, brands collect so much customer data in digital interactions that the primary challenge to effective digital experience comes down to a brand’s ability to work with it. With so many data points scattered across digital channels, it can be a struggle to know if you’ve got the right data and how to use it to drive customer acquisition and boost loyalty.

Customer data platforms (CDPs) are helping marketers like you to meet the challenge, allowing to provide truly personalized customer experiences, even as budgets and regulations tighten.

This webinar from Acquia and TA Digital answers your questions about leveraging this new way of marketing that delivers immediate returns on your initial investment and enables new capabilities as your use cases expand.

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