Five Years in the Making: A Look at Georgia’s ROI with Drupal

Back in 2011, the State of Georgia was experiencing nothing short of a “technology crisis,” complete with high operating costs, a crumbling infrastructure and a web presence of disparate sites. While most of their manpower was spent keeping the websites for state agencies and elected officials up and running, there was very little time to implement a true digital strategy, which resulted in a confusing and frustrating experience for residents.

In an effort to consolidate digital properties from each of their state agencies into one centralized place, Georgia sought out the open-source Drupal platform as a solution to their proprietary CMS woes. The big move promised Georgia a scalable and elastic platform that would provide cost savings, efficiency benefits and a better digital experience for constituents.

Fast forward five years… how did the promise hold up? In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Georgia’s ROI from the Drupal implementation
  • The technical, business and end-user influences on Georgia’s existing Drupal platform
  • Tips on managing a digital services team to support an enterprise
  • How to maintain your Drupal platform post-migration

Watch the recorded webinar