The Drupalist’s Recap: DrupalCon Pittsburgh 2023

What's Covered?

  • Highlights from Dries’ keynote, a.k.a “the Driesnote,” presented by Drupal founder and Acquia’s founder and CTO
  • The latest features and enhancements in Drupal and how they can elevate your digital experiences
  • A comprehensive overview of the Drupal roadmap and upcoming releases
  • Innovative strategies and case studies from successful Drupal projects
Additional Info

Last week, Drupal’s latest features and enhancements were unveiled at the highly anticipated DrupalCon Pittsburgh. The agenda overflowed with so much Drupal goodness we felt compelled to join forces with the Drupal Association to share an exclusive recap of the most exciting moments, groundbreaking announcements, and cutting-edge insights from DrupalCon 2023.

Join us for a glimpse into the future of Drupal and digital experiences, and discover how you can leverage the latest advancements to elevate your web projects to new heights. Here’s your opportunity to stay informed, inspired, and empowered by the highlights from DrupalCon 2023.

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Featured Speakers

Tim Lehnen

Tim Lehnen

Chief Technology Officer

Drupal Association