Drupal Development: Best Practices to Accelerate Your Projects

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Ever wonder what the best practices for Drupal development are? Trying to accelerate your Drupal projects?

Join us to learn four key aspects of Drupal development that the most successful Drupal developers leverage. From setting up the infrastructure to support your DevOps workflow, to laying the groundwork for your project using community contributed modules, to developing your own custom integrations—these principles and practices will take the guesswork out of scaffolding your project and let you get to work on what matters.

We'll also talk about how developing with an eye towards contribution results in better projects - and finally, we'll show you how Acquia's Cloud IDEs can dramatically simplify and accelerate your Drupal development process.

Featured Speakers


Maggie Schroeder
Maggie Schroeder Senior Product Marketing Manager at Acquia
Tim Lehnen
Tim Lehnen Chief Technology Officer at the Drupal Association