Drupal 8 Lessons From the Field: What is Continuous Delivery and Why it’s important

Optimize your entire Drupal project. Regardless of your technical fluency, join us to learn how to streamline front and back end Drupal 8 development and make applications that lasts. ‘Drupal 8 Lessons From the Field’ is a 3-part educational series led by Pavithra and Ron - Acquia solution architects with a combined 20 years of Drupal experience. We’ll start with the foundational tools you’ll need and work towards tangible tips to make everything faster - from delivery to performance.

This webinar is for anyone involved in the process of creating digital experiences - both technical and non-technical. You’ll come away with a solid understanding of the high level concepts and specific useful examples.

How would you like to have a robot that is able to help your team write better code, faster, and with fewer errors? What if this robot could alert you of bugs or errors before they were introduced? Would you be interested if this robot were able to rebuild the entire codebase from scratch, test every component, and look for any errors...each time you add new code?

This is not a dream! Continuous delivery is a set of tools and techniques that enable your team to build its own "robot" (automated system) to do just that. Using these tools, you can ensure that your team can create better applications, can roll it out faster, and can introduce fewer bugs and errors.

This is the secret to high performance development teams, and it is what we will be sharing with you in this webinar. You will learn:

  • What continuous delivery means
  • Why it matters
  • How it impacts and improves your business
  • Different terms, tools, and options
  • Practical examples


Pavithra Raman - Solutions Architect Team Lead, Acquia 

Pavithra Raman - Solutions Architect Team Lead, Acquia

Ron Northcutt - Senior Solutions Architect, Acquia 

ron northcutt

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