A cookieless future is coming...are you ready?

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Google’s recent announcement that it was planning to ‘phase out support for third-party tracking cookies in its Chrome browser within two years’, has been viewed by many as the final blow in the death of third-party cookies in marketing. It is also the latest wave pushing us toward stronger privacy-focused open web standards.

But what does the death of third-party cookies mean for marketers? In a nutshell, it means that you must develop a powerful first-party data strategy to win the trust and loyalty of your customers. And the time to take action in order to future proof your digital strategy is now.

Watch the webinar where we explored:

  • Evolving from customer acquisition to consent-driven personalisation
  • The rise of the Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Why a first-party data strategy requires data unification across the customer lifecycle


The power lies with you as a marketer - seize this moment as an opportunity for personalisation and higher customer privacy standards. Hear us discuss how both businesses and consumers will benefit from this change by allowing consumers to play an active, upfront role in their own data-driven experiences.

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Tom Bianchi

Senior Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing