Conversational Commerce

In this Acquia webinar, Ogilvy’s Head of Digital, Jason Davey, discuss how voice assistants are disrupting the interface to the customer for brands and how businesses could benefit from developing a plan to use voice assistants in their organisation. Touching on real-life case studies, Jason’s session covers the history and impact of voice assistants, as well as advice on how businesses can use them to the greatest effect for driving customer service, engagement and sales.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How voice assistants are disrupting the interface
  • How businesses can benefit from developing a plan to use voice assistants
  • How businesses can use voice assistants for driving great customer service 

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About the presenter

Jason Davey

Jason’s career spans over 25 years in the digital industry. He co-founded digital agency Bullseye in 2000, which was acquired by Ogilvy in 2014. His background in digital strategy, CX design and marketing technology has made him instrumental to Ogilvy’s digital transformation. In 2017, Ogilvy was recognized as Adnews Digital Agency of the Year. Back in 1995, Jason designed the first ever website for Hewlett-Packard Australia, and hand-coded every page with a text editor! Old school.


If you’d like to learn more about Ogilvy, please visit https://www.ogilvy.com.au – alternatively, if you have a question about the webinar, please feel free to contact Jason Davey at [email protected]

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