Best Practices for Migrating to Drupal

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Security, scalability, accessibility, and enhanced user experience are only a few of many strategic advantages to powering your business’s website & digital experience strategies on Drupal.

These advantages currently describe 556,047 live Drupal-powered sites worldwide.

But, how do you get there? What does it take to execute a migration to Drupal seamlessly?

Watch our second Drupal-focused webinar of the year as we highlight:
- Best practices for planning, executing & enabling your teams for a migration to Drupal
- Our most successful customer migration case studies to date

Learn why now is the best time to begin planning your migration to Drupal. Sign up today!

Maggie Schroeder
Maggie Schroeder, Product Marketing Manager at Acquia
Steph Bridges, Senior Drupal Developer, Acquia
Steph Bridges, Senior Drupal Developer, Acquia