Acquia Q1 Roadmap: Growing and Innovating So You Can Build Better Digital Experiences

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In 2022, agility matters and enterprises need to rethink their digital architecture to empower their IT and marketing teams to pivot quickly and often. If your business is neither flexible nor adaptable, you may find yourself stuck trying to catch up to customers’ expectations. 

From the introduction of Acquia Code Studio to the addition of the Machine Learning Launchpad to Acquia CDP, there’s no shortage of innovations being added to the Acquia suite. Curious how our most recent product updates will improve building and delivering digital experiences to your customers?

Watch this on-demand session to hear about: 

  • Exciting plans we have for Drupal 10 and how we're going to help you get to Drupal 10 faster than ever
  • How both developers and marketers can unlock new possibilities with headless CMS and low-code / no-code tools
  • Innovations in the Developer Experience that will allow your developers to build faster and experiment more
  • Innovations in the Marketer Experience that will streamline campaign orchestration with strategic marketing automation

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