The Acquia Digital Experience Platform: Creating Quick Value for Non-Profit Organisations

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The most effective charities are those that are changing their operating model so that it doesn’t just take account of digital but embeds it into the organisation – its strategy, its culture, its governance.

- Annika Small, co-founder of CAST and Non-Exec Director at Lightful

Pretty much every business is now digital first, but imagine what you could achieve by implementing a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to deliver truly engaging, personalised customer journeys from start to finish.

This webinar will give a high level overview of how you can engage with customers on any channel to:

  •  Boost profitability, revenue and return on marketing investment
  •  Increase customer engagement and loyalty
  •  Increase business agility in order to future-proof your business


As well as providing real life examples of how existing non-profit Acquia customers are benefiting from our DXP, we will also give a short demonstration so you can see it in action for yourselves.