6 Challenges Marketers Face and How Marketing Automation is Key

What's Covered?

  • Strategies for generating quality leads
  • Converting shoppers into brand loyalists
  • Automating reporting and measuring ROI
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Lead generation, lack of time and resources, scaling marketing efforts, poor customer experience, and ROI are just some of the things that keep marketers up at night.

And with the explosion of varying digital touchpoints and channels marketers need to manage, brands are being pushed towards adopting automation.
Ideally, marketers are equipped to automate a myriad of time-consuming tasks, allowing them to do more with fewer resources. Launching, managing, tracking and reporting on marketing campaigns could be done with fewer errors, and without reliance on IT.

All that while delivering personalized content, strengthening the buyer's journey, and converting shoppers into brand loyalists by leveraging behavioral data.

Enter distributed marketing automation. Distributed marketing automation has reinvented how marketers efficiently engage customers across distributed brands, teams, and regions. It is the secret to maintaining a healthy sales funnel and bolstering ROI.

Watch now as we break down the 6 challenges marketers face in the digital-first era and how marketing automation can eliminate them. We’ll cover:

  • Generating quality leads
  • Improving and simplify scoring models
  • Contextualizing the customer journey
  • Sales process integration (Lead to MQL to SQL)
  • Automating reporting and measuring ROI
  • Maintaining brand-consistency across distributed teams

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Sean Suggs

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