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Acquia Ready Services

Your Starting Line


We ensure that you know how to engage with us for support and how to access and use our systems and tools.


We assess your environment and seek to understand your requirements and plans.


We ensure your success as a new Acquia customer and mitigate your risk as you transition.

Achieve Success With Acquia

Contact us

  • 1

    Set up your Acquia Insight Subscription
  • 2

    Guide you through our tools, knowledge, and resources
  • 3

    Review your Insight score based on known risks
  • 4

    Assess your environment

  • 5

    Understand your development lifecycle stage

  • 6

    Learn your timeline requirements

  • 7

    Understand your testing and validation plans
  • 8

    Coordinate initial load testing and monitoring
  • 9

    Share best practices

  • 10

    Review the pre-launch checklist with you

Additional options that drive your success


Self-Paced Tutorials

Get knowledge when you want it. Acquia’s self-service onboarding videos allow you to get up to speed at your own pace.


Concierge Acquia Ready

A Customer Success Manager and Customer Success Engineer are aligned to you. They will tailor training, monitoring, and timelines to your sites’ needs––optimizing everything for your specific environment.


Acquia Platform Migration Services

Acquia relocates your code, files, and databases to the Acquia Cloud platform on your behalf for maximum efficiency and minimal complexity. With intelligent planning, best practices, and a proven methodology, our deeply experienced engineers do the hard work for you.

What's Included

Acquia ready
Acquia Insight Subscription
Acquia Cloud Site Factory
Acquia Cloud Professional
Acquia Cloud Enterprise
Welcome Package
An introduction to your Acquia Insight Subscription
Insight Tools
A guided tour of our site tools
Concierge Acquia ready Package (all items included)
Acquia Insight Subscription
Acquia Cloud Site Factory
Acquia Cloud Professional
Acquia Cloud Enterprise
  • Success Manager
  • Onboarding Engineer
  • Platform Level Load
    Test Monitoring
  • Pre-launch Best
    Practices Review
  • Launch support
  • Priority Ticket Queue