Learning Services
Learning Services empowers our customers, partners, and employees through high-quality, relevant, effective, and multi-channel content, so that they joyfully and easily use our products to create positive impacts for their business and the world.
Drupal 8 Readiness and Support
  • New to Drupal? Take advantage of expert tutorials, e-learning courses, and documentation, to speed up your learning and adoption.  

  • Our certified trainers are Drupal and product experts, providing in-person and remote training so that developers, administrative users, and strategists can mature from beginners to experts.

Acquia Product Readiness and Support

Working with an Acquia product for the first time? Use our e-learning portal,  tutorials, private training, and product certification program to grow your knowledge from beginner to best practices on Acquia products such as our Drupal cloud platform and Site Factory.

Digital Exams and Certifications

Preparing our customers and partners to work competently and confidently with Drupal and Acquia products is the mission of our certification program. We work hard to match the skills required in the marketplace to our exam domains to better prepare our students for the real world work ahead of them. Follow the learning paths, tutorials, and study guides we offer to prepare yourself to take and pass Drupal and Acquia product certification exams.

Acquia Ready Team

Acquia Ready partners with your team to understand your needs and align the best resources to ensure your successful integration into Acquia’s digital environment. When you look good, we look good. Our team of Drupal and product experts will guide and enable you along the way from initial kickoff through launch. Here's what the Acquia Ready Team has to offer:

Launch Support

First impressions are critical. When moving to a new platform, it’s critical to assess and mitigate risk, and thoroughly test your application to ensure optimum performance and scalability when you flip the switch.

Risk Mitigation

Our team of expert engineers will assess your site for common risks affecting launch, and we will partner with you to recommend appropriate remediations to make your launch successful.

Site Migration

Lifting and shifting a site from one platform to another is time consuming and, at times, complex. Let us take some of the burden off of your team through one of our migration packages. Using our automated processes and expert platform knowledge, we can take the burden of migrating your code, database, and files off of your shoulders.

Remediation Services

As part of our extended launch support offering, Acquia directly acts on your behalf to perform critical risk mitigations.

Customized PaaS Services

Acquia Ready provides expert support for custom VCL deployment and SAML SSO or LDAP implementation. We even offer engagements to do it for you.

Expert Enablement

Our team partners with your team to ensure that you are fully enabled to be successful with your new Acquia products and services.

Professional Services
Getting to market and ensuring the shortest path to value realization from your purchase is crucial to a customer’s success with our products. To ensure that your solution gets up and running as smoothly and quickly as possible, you’ll need implementation support, which is provided by Acquia via Professional Services or one of our partners. Professional Services provides:

Acquia offers a variety of packaged trainings to educate customers on the platform, best practices, technical skills training, and more. All of which can be customized. Some packages are hands-on, while others are online self-paced courses.

  • Product training:​ Prepackaged and/or fully customizable in-person engagements where customers learn about the product and how to use it.

  • Change management:​ These engagements teach business and organizational skills necessary for adopting and maximizing your value on the Acquia platform.

Expert Help & Advice

A variety of prepackaged or customizable engagements that deliver solutions and fixes in their entirety by Acquia.

  • Platform implementation and migration:​ For customers who need advice, resources, and help with planning the platform implementation and/or migration from existing platforms onto the Acquia platform.

  • Security and performance:​ Professional Services helps customers uncover risks and vulnerabilities on a platform or per-site basis, which can lead to remediation plans to prevent major setbacks down the road.

  • Personalization and orchestration​: Engagements that teach best practices and real-world examples of using Acquia Lift and Acquia Journey; how to integrate Acquia Lift and/or Acquia Journey into your existing marketing program; how to align personalization or customer journeys to your business goals; and how to measure success.


Acquia will deliver the solution in its entirety. There may be a desire to enable internal teams along the way, but the solution for the project is expected to be delivered by Acquia end to end.

  • Platform implementation:​ Professional Services will build a fully customized Drupal codebase and implement it on your behalf. All platform implementations are custom builds.

  • Ongoing development:​ A variety of post-launch ongoing services that help ensure your platform is running smoothly and it continues to deliver against your business requirements.

  • Personalization and orchestration implementation: ​ We’ll help you get up and running with Acquia Lift and Acquia Journey.

Benefits of Professional Services

Bring your platform and products online faster, with fewer hiccups

Realize the value of investments faster

Push the boundaries of the product to fit your unique business needs

Ensure all users are trained and empowered to use the products starting on day 1

Learn best practices to ensure your team maximizes the value of our products

Technical Account Managers

Technical proactive engagement with a trusted adviser through every stage of your project.


The Acquia TAM is a business-focused Drupal expert that proactively engages with you and your business to ensure digital project success.


Whatever your level of Drupal experience, and wherever you are in your digital transformation lifecycle, your TAM will engage to help you eliminate risks, solve problems, and increase efficiency.


The Acquia TAM provides technical expertise and operational enablement; embedding themselves in your digital transformation projects.

Participation at Your Discretion

You decide how often you’d like your TAM involved, ranging from weekly or monthly check-ins to participation in daily stand-up meetings.

Regular Onsite Visits and Reports

Your TAM will attend regular team meetings, make onsite visits, and produce reports on site performance, site health, and usage.

Application Assurance

Your TAM is an Acquia platform and solution expert and upon request can conduct an Application Assurance audit — a deep performance and security assessment of your environment.





Architecture review and validation.

Assists in engineering your solution onto the Acquia platform

Assesses and flags launch risks.

Monitors application hardware load/capacity.

Works parallel to your dev partner.

Resolves technical conflicts.

Creates and maintains a detailed launch timeline and checklist.

Corrects post-launch issues

Evaluates suitability of Drupal for new projects.

Impartially evaluates quality of partner work.

Audits application performance and recommends remediation.

Enhances site performance and functionality.

Reviews third-party integrations.

Establishes best practices for dev workflows

Day-of-launch coordination.

Helps prepare for critical site traffic events.

Provides relevant case studies and benchmarks.




Global Support

Keep your digital initiatives flying, solve problems quickly, drive continuous improvement with the only enterprise-ready Drupal support team. Let us assist you when need us 24x7x365. We’re ready to respond to critical issues with staffing across four continents. We’re happy to help with Drupal questions and assist with diagnostics of custom code issues.
Channels include:

Help Center Requests

Our online help center allows support tickets to be initiated anytime, and each ticket will be responded to according to the contracted service level agreement.


For our various support regions, we offer a spectrum of business hours; emergency response always included. Add us to your speed dial.

Proactive Notifications

We watch and act. From monitoring with real-time diagnostics to technology updates, we’re committed to communicating with you.

Advisory Support

Advisory Support is a unique offering featuring focused, scheduled discussions with our support personnel on key issues your team is tackling. Receive best-practice consultations that are customized to your needs.

Remote Administration

Let us administer routine tasks on your behalf to keep your Acquia-hosted sites updated, allowing your staff to dedicate more time on the projects at hand. Whether you have seasoned administrators or no allocated resources, we can assist with security updates, incremental patches and adding new modules and functionality.

Knowledge Base and Documentation Library

Online content open to everyone, there are technical articles, best practices, and troubleshooting tutorials.

Variety of Offerings to Meet Different Needs

Our team has defined what it means to support Drupal for the enterprise. Hired and vetted with the expertise you would expect, our engineers have exposure to the most industries, use cases, and problem sets. Our Support Users Guide has in-depth details and subscription levels for current customers and prospects.

Contact our customer success teams